Sciatica is a condition that is caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve. In most cases, there is no particular injury that is directly related to the pain caused by the sciatic nerve. In some cases, the pain may begin suddenly after a person lifts something heavy or if they move too quickly. Learning a bit more about this condition and when sciatic nerve treatment should be sought can be found here.

Some of the most common reasons that sciatica pain occurs include:

Herniated disc

Lumbar spinal stenosis


A stretched or pinched sciatic nerve

Piriformis syndrome

The natural aging process


An abscess, blood clot, and tumor

There are a number of cases that require treatment and professional medical help, while others will get better on their own. Some of the reasons a doctor should be called for sciatica pain include:

If the pain does not get better after a few days or gets worse

If the person is under 20 years of age or over 55 years of age

The person has lost quite a bit of weight or has unexplained back pain, fever or chills


The person is HIV positive or actively uses IV drugs

The person has problems bending forward

Thanks to modern technology, there are more options than ever before for sciatic pain treatment. Going to the doctor will help ensure the person gets the right treatment for their particular needs. A doctor will be able to evaluate the person’s existing condition and create a game plan for treatment. This is the absolute best way to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the pain that a person experiences.


A modern treatment for sciatic is the use of stem cells. This is a treatment plan that has shown success for other conditions, such as stem cell treatment for arthritis. The only way to know if this may be an effective treatment for someone is to speak with a doctor who understands the condition. Failure to do this may result in more pain over an extended period of time. In some cases, sciatica pain can cause a person to feel so bad they have to stay in bed until it is gone.